CDS reaches 1,81,000 clients and beneficiaries. As at 31st March 2011
CDS has crossed an important
stage reaching 1,81,000 poor
and below poverty line clients,
working all alone with limited
funds and staff
Community Development Society (CDS), through the love and power of God, uses local resources and knowledge to foster holistic transformation so that poor families may experience the fullness of life God desires for all of His creation. Transforming impoverishes families and communities, through micro-credits, basic business training, health services, and holistic outreach.

In this new decade, the Board of Trustees has determined to expand the CDS program from six district towns in the State of Maharashtra, to all in all 35 district towns as resources allow. CDS would like to develop educational programs for children living in villages that include English medium schools. CDS owns buildings and grounds in one village, which can serve children in 25 surrounding villages. Basic community health services and health insurance is provided as well.