CDS reaches 1,81,000 clients and beneficiaries. As at 31st March 2011
CDS has crossed an important
stage reaching 1,81,000 poor
and below poverty line clients,
working all alone with limited
funds and staff

In House Training in Slum Centres

Regular training in Micro Business such as buying and selling, artisan skills, handicrafts, toys, baskets, sewing, spices making and many other occupations which needs small investments are provided to women and other individuals. It is to build their capacity to start small business for self-employment. It is also conducted where the beneficiaries.

Conference and Training Centre : Facility for training programmes and conference is also available at Vikas Bhavan, Nagpur. We regularly conduct entrepreneurship training, seminars for any organizations and for staff and clients. Other organizations too, use the CDS training centre for their training sessions. Any N.G.O. is welcome to book the training centre for the seminars, conference or training programmes.

For further details and for booking, please, contact us: