CDS reaches 1,81,000 clients and beneficiaries. As at 31st March 2011
CDS has crossed an important
stage reaching 1,81,000 poor
and below poverty line clients,
working all alone with limited
funds and staff

1. Is CDS a member of any network?
2. What is the average size of loan given to beneficiaries?
3. What is the purpose of loan?
4. What change does CDS expect in the lives of it's clients?
5. How does CDS measure the transformations?
6. How CDS supports it's operations and administration expenses?
7. For what other purpose clients request loan?
8. What is the function of Trustees?
9. Is my donation, tax deductible?
10. What can I do to become partner with CDS?
11. How can I donate or invest funds in CDS?
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