CDS reaches 1,81,000 clients and beneficiaries. As at 31st March 2011
CDS has crossed an important
stage reaching 1,81,000 poor
and below poverty line clients,
working all alone with limited
funds and staff
“He who lends to the poor, lends to the Lord, and the Lord will Reward him for what he has done.” (Holy Bible) Proverbs 19:17

Dear Friends and Co-workers in Poverty Reduction Program. I convey all of you greetings and blessings of CDS Nagpur!

It is our great pleasure to be associates with you in serving the poor
and marginalized people without any discrimination.
In the year 1996
Mr. Vincent Thorat
Project officer
CDS started its program in a small town name WARDHA, about 80 k.m. from Nagpur. This place is famous for two important things. First, Father of the Nation Honorable Mahatma Gandhi stayed in Sewagram from the year 1936 to 1942, started the Quit India Movement. Secondly in the memory of his Late wife Mrs. Kasturba Gandhi, his followers started a Medical College and Hospital known as Sewagram i.e. place of service.
The main businesses CDS sponsored are Agricultural activities and allied services, such as Goatry, Milching cows and water buffalos, small poultry farm and bullocks to plow the land, and to carry agriculture products to nearest market.

Mr. Vincent Thorat our project officer at Nagpur Branch is supervisor of CDS branch at Wardha. He frequently visit Wardha branch and successfully monitors all the activities.
Mr. Vivek Malode
New Staff Appointed : During this month we recruited new person to take up the responsibilities at our Wardha Branch. He is seen in the photo. Mr. Vivek Malode is graduate and had worked in a Finance organization with responsibility of collecting recoveries. He will be very valuable to CDS. We request your prayers for him.
Mr. Tukaram Ade at work
Tracking Poverty Trends In Wardha : Mr. Tukaram Ade from neglected community had approached CDS staff in Wardha Town for Micro finance in the year 2008. He was given Micro Loans five (5) times. With this he started to produce baskets and other items made out of bamboos. With the success in his business he organized musical band. Today he has 50 different kinds of musical instruments. He often get business to play music in various functions. He has created jobs for 50 musicians. His wife has established Grocery stores. The whole family are getting good income.
Mr. Mukund Dadajee Masram
Mr. Mukund Masram started small business in Wardha Town with CDS finance. Inherited the bamboos articles production from his family. In the year 2008 he and his family members started to sell funeral materials which are used for crimination of dead bodies. He has created jobs for 10 people. Today he and his family are famous in his town for producing and selling articles made from bamboos.

Mr. Madhukar Soge in his Grocery Stores
In the year 2008 Mr. Madhukar Soge and his family were recommended to CDS by one of our active client in Wardha Town.
The family was very poor, he wanted to start a small Grocery stores. For this purpose he borrowed Rs. 20,000/- from CDS. This amount was used to increase stock and decorate a small place for establishing Grocery stores. CDS staff helped him by providing guidance. Today his shop is big and his income is also increased. His wife and two other staff members are also working with him.
Mr. Madhukar Soge in his Grocery Stores
Mr. Vivek Malode our loan officer started to reach out poor ommunities in Wardha Town hutments areas. In the first month of his work in CDS he gave loans to seven (7) clients. In the above photograph a lady client receiving cheque from Mr. Malode. It was encouraging to learn
that all the seven clients are from marginalized families and these all are women. CDS is focusing more and more on redeeming women from poverty through Micro Finance.
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God bless you.

With Regards
Rev. P. Y. Singh
Dated : 12th November, 2012