CDS reaches 1,81,000 clients and beneficiaries. As at 31st March 2011
CDS has crossed an important
stage reaching 1,81,000 poor
and below poverty line clients,
working all alone with limited
funds and staff
Prepare Action Plan for every year. Chalk out the project plans for five yrs. in advance. Focus on Women empowerment and self-employment.  
Launch a campaign of Action to reach 50000 beneficiaries to start sustainable businesses for self- employment by the year 2015.  
To strengthen 50000 beneficiaries' business and help them to create 100000 jobs by the year 2015.  
Every year conduct 100 seminars and workshops for potential entrepreneurs to build their capacity. To build CDS sustainable organization.  
To reach all the 35 districts of Maharashtra through M.E.D. programme by the year 2020, if the finances  and human resources are received by CDS.  
As much as possible provide community based health care and education services to women living in urban slums and villages.